Few Ideas of Mechanical Engineering Projects......

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  1. Thermal Distribution Analysis Of Maruti 800 Engine & Brake

  2. Design And Analysis Of Helical Springs In Two Wheeler Suspension System

  3. Design, Modelling And Simulation Of Marine Propeller

  4. Prediction Of Critical Flaw Length In Metal Flat Plate Using Ansys

  5. Modelling And Structural Analysis Of Cam Shaft Used In Locomotives

  6. Structural Analysis Of A Crane Hook.

  7. Design Of A Hovercraft

  8. Study Of Hybrid Natural Gas Vehicle

  9. Design Of Bicycle Helmet Aerodynamics & Cooling

  10. Study Of Wingtip Dynamics Simulator

  11. Design Of Pneumatic Forging Machine

  12. Design And Analysis Of Four Wheel Drive Mechanism

  13. Study Of Cryogenic Engine

  14. Design And Analysis Of Mechanical Braking System For Four Wheeler Vehicles

  15. Design, Modelling And Analysis Of A Maruti Alto Wheel Rim.

  16. Tensile Test Of Aerospace Alloy Material For Different Strain Rate

  17. Performance Analysis of a Heat Exchanger

  18. CFD Modeling of NACA 4421 Aerofoil

  19. Design of an UAV

  20. Design and analysis of turbine blade

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How to choose a good Project topic?

​Mechanical engineering is one of the core and evergreen branches of engineering and technology. It is also amongst one of the oldest fields of engineering. The internet is full of websites where a lot of data can be found about the recent advancements in the field of mechanical engineering. However we as students find ourselves almost always confused about "Which will be the 'right' project for me"? 

Alas, No website will give you the answer to that question!!!

Doing a project helps you specialise in a particular field apart from learning a new skill set, which may also help you in your current academics, higher studies or in your future job. Preparing a project report and presentation improves your writing and presentation skills by several notches. Apart from this, doing a project in group also inculcates team building and leadership qualities, definitive parameters to succeed in any job. 

The topic for the project should hence be chosen very carefully and wisely. The various parameters which should be considered while choosing a good project topic are:

​1. Field of Interest or Area of Specialisation - Enjoy doing your Project

​2. Application of project in further studies or future job - Learn a new skill set

3. Resorces available to execute the project - Hardware/ Software/ Testing???

​4. Cost (mechanical seminar topics, ppt topics, seminar topics for mechanical engineering)

5. Specialisation of guide or supervisor 

​The success of any minor or major project depends largely on the initial 'Idea'. The idea for any good project can come only by:

 1. Interacting with Professors or Seniors or 'On-field' engineers.

 2. Reading a lot of books on engineering (and may be some times sci-fi movies)

 3. Looking around you (the world is full of real engineering problems)

 4. Browsing the world of www.com - "The Internet".

​Never choose a topic because it is complex. Great projects are simple.

​"Doing Projects can be real fun. Have a great time" 

Project Presentations 

mechanical seminar topics, seminar topics for mechanical engineering, ppt topics

final year engineering projects


JJ TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS provides one-on-one coaching and mentoring to Mechanical Engineering project students to help them complete a state of the art Engineering Major/Minor project for B.Tech/M.Tech/Diploma courses, thereby assuring high marks and a good job.

final year engineering projects, final year projects, mechanical projects

final year engineering projects

Mechanical Engineering


  • Automobile

  • Aerospace

  • Heat Transfer

  • Fluid Flow

  • Structures (CAD/FEA)

  • Mechanical Engineering Basics

  • Design and Analysis....     to name a few

final year engineering projects, final year projects, ieee projects , basics of mechanical engineering

Seminar Topics in Mechanical Engineering

​​Our Instructors

All JJ TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS instructors are having wide and specialised knowledge in various branches of Engineering. We train our students to prepare them not only for graduation assessment but also in how to use your project to secure a job or higher study seat through a great interview presentation.

final year engineering projects, final year projects, mechanical projects


final year engineering projects, final year projects, mechanical projects, basics of mechanical engineering, basic mechanical engineering