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JJ TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS provides one-on-one coaching and mentoring to Mechanical Engineering project students to help them complete a state of the art Engineering Major/Minor project for B.Tech/M.Tech/Diploma courses, thereby assuring high marks and a good job.

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Seminar Topics in Mechanical Engineering

​​Our Instructors

All JJ TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS instructors are having wide and specialised knowledge in various branches of Engineering. We train our students to prepare them not only for graduation assessment but also in how to use your project to secure a job or higher study seat through a great interview presentation.

final year engineering projects, final year projects, mechanical projects


final year engineering projects, final year projects, mechanical projects, basics of mechanical engineering, basic mechanical engineering 

Frequently asked Multiple Choice Questions

Which of the following are the mechanical properties of material? (a) Hardness (b) Specific heat
(c) Fatigue (d) Both (a) and (c)

Which of the following are the thermal properties of materials?

(a) Fatigue (b) Specific heat (c) Thermal conductivity (d) Both (b) and (c)

3. The ability of material to sustain loads without failure is known as (a) Mechanical strength (b) Impact strength
(c) Hardness (d) Brittleness

4. The ability of a material to resist elastic deflection is known as (a) Fatigue (b) Stiffness
(c) Creep (d) Hardness

5. The ability of material to resist softening at high temperature is known as

(a) Fatigue (b) (c) Hot hardness (d)

6. Hardness of steel depends on
(a) Amount of carbon it contains (b)
(c) Method of fabrication (d) The quality of ores from which it is made

7. The
(a) Impact strength (b) Stiffness (c) Creep (d) Ductility

Impact strength

The shapes and distribution of the carbides in iron

capacity of material to undergo deformation under tension without rupture is known as

8. When a material sustains steady loads for long periods of time, the material may continue to deform until it may tend to fracture under the same load. The phenomenon is known as

(a) Creep
(c) Impact strength

9. The capacity of a material to absorb (a) Creep

(c) Resilience

(b) Hardness (d) Fatigue

energy in the elastic range is known as (b) Hardness
(d) Fatigue


10. The properties of material to resist penetration by another material is known as (a) Impact strength (b) Hardness
(c) Fatigue (d) Resilience

11. The as

capacity of a metal to exhibit considerable elastic recovery upon release of load is known

(a) Creep (b) Fatigue (c) Impact strength (d) Stiffness

12. Ductility of a material may be defined as

(a)  Ability to undergo large permanent deformation in compression

(b)  Ability to undergo large permanent deformation in tension

(c)  Ability to recover its original shape

(d)  All of above 

final year engineering projects

Mechanical Engineering


  • Automobile

  • Aerospace

  • Heat Transfer

  • Fluid Flow

  • Structures (CAD/FEA)

  • Mechanical Engineering Basics

  • Design and Analysis....     to name a few

final year engineering projects, final year projects, ieee projects , basics of mechanical engineering